A Happy Accident

A Happy Accident!

There’s a common misconception I’ve heard a lot over the last couple of years. But it recently made me stop and think. For some people it may be the case, but in my case it’s not and I want to dispel that misconception. That is how I came to write this blog and explain my happy accident!

I am not gifted with an abundance of self confidence and I cannot fake it! Which is just as well because that would get me nowhere in the long term and I would not have been in business for as long as I have. If I were to try and fake my skills, not deliver my promise on service and make dishonest claims or recommendations, I would be found out, the truth always finds a way out! If I fail to deliver everything a make-up artist needs to be, or endorse products that fail, in the end it will be me that fails, my business will fail.

So, what is that misconception?

‘You only sell it because you get commission, you don’t even have to like it’

Because of my happy accident, I know just how wrong this suggestion is.

When people choose to book me or to follow my recommendation, they are not just buying a service or product, they are buying my belief in it. Clients are trusting me to be honest and genuine.

I have been approached countless times by cosmetic and skincare ambassadors to sell and endorse their products. I have even been offered followers and products in exchange for publicising favourable feedback! I can’t think of a quicker way for my clients to lose trust in me and my opinion if I said whatever it takes to get orders and publish reviews that were not genuine. It was clear to me that some of these ambassadors were working to meet targets and win amazing incentives, not because they love the brand or thought it could benefit me. That’s just not how I work but I appreciate everyone is different, not better or worse than anyone else.

Thankfully I don’t need to do a hard sell, I don’t need to try and convince anyone, my reputation and integrity are what leads to bookings or clients trying a recommended product. At the start of my career, I had to sell in a way, I needed to prove myself. Everyone is in business to make a living and needs to pay their bills but I am not financially motivated to be dishonestly persuasive and I am not incentive or target driven. It’s not all about the money for me, it’s about the clientele I get to meet, the repeat customers I gain, helping people feel happier and doing a job I absolutely love.

Two years ago I was very unhappy with persistent acne that didnt respond to all kinds of pills, lotions and potions. When a friend recommended some Tropic products to try, I was very sceptical, but I liked the approach, not pushy and with a ‘nothing to lose’ attitude. I had a fantastic experience with Tropic and the results spoke for themselves. In my line of work, I have come across many people affected by the appearance of their skin and it really can have a massive, psychologically damaging affect. I love to help others feel good about themselves, so alongside my make-up skills, I have been very happy to mention my experience of Tropic. When brides started to ask my advice about preparation for their wedding, I shared my experience with Tropic and the 30-day happiness guarantee, if they don’t like it, they can simply return or exchange it (only 2% of clients have ever asked to return their order). I don’t do pushy sales but I am passionate about my job and never stop telling people that having good skin is the best canvas for successful make up application.

It was a completely happy accident that I discovered I did not have to ‘sell’ Tropic, it sells itself. If I stopped being an Ambassador for Tropic tomorrow, I would still buy their skincare for my own use and still recommend it to others. My mum always said I was a happy accident 😉 just kidding, but she did say that the only time or inclination she had for any kind of beauty regime was washing her face with soap and water and brushing her teeth! That is what she did for 35 years….until I offered her my cleanser and moisturiser. I knew my limits though, I’m not a magician and would never get her to stick to every step of the regime but I am now buying her Tropic and she loves it, to me that is my greatest success 😆. My dad and my brother are also using Tropic (by the way, my Dad always had a better beauty regime than my Mum!). My close friends only ever used face wipes and baby wipes but they can’t be without Tropic now. Sure I make commission on the sales but that is just a happy accident! Tropic skincare runs perfectly alongside my business, it compliments it, just another happy accident!

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