Terms and Conditions

Please read my terms and conditions prior to bookings

By financially securing your booking with a deposit, you accept these binding terms of contract.
Each client is important to me and the terms of contract are to safeguard the client’s interests and those of Alexia Jade.

All bookings are only considered as secure AFTER the payment of a non-refundable, non transferable deposit.
A breakdown of services, costs and a payment schedule will be sent with your booking confirmation.Securing your event date means the diary is closed, no further bookings will be taken at the same time, ensuring priority for your event. The deposit is non refundable and non transferable as multiple opportunities to gain alternative fee paid work on your chosen date will have been declined.We recommend taking out a wedding insurance policy to help you recover deposits paid for any wedding services/trades you have booked and are non refundable in the event of a wedding cancellation.

Payment for wedding bookings

Deposits are payable via bank transfer. The £100.00 deposit fee must be paid within 5 days of the booking enquiry in order to hold your wedding date (please allow sufficient time for funds to clear).
£100 covers the cost of the trial within the package, trials cannot be booked separately. Your wedding date is not secured by booking a trial.

After a successful trial, the event date must be secured within 5 days by making a 50% payment of the outstanding balance.

The remaining 50% of the outstanding balance (including additional expenses) must be paid in full, at least two weeks prior to the wedding day. International events require travel confirmation, travel tickets and accommodation bookings to be made at least 6 months prior to the journey commencement.
Trial bookings are available: Tuesday-Thursday 10am-4pm (To be booked at least 60 days prior to the event date).

Please be aware that on the rare occasion, due to prior contractual engagements, it may be necessary to reschedule trial appointments. Every effort will be made to accommodate your needs and minimise any inconvenience caused.

If you book special occasion make-up and it becomes apparent that it is a wedding occasion (within immediate wedding party); I reserve the right to request the appropriate fee or withdraw all services on the day without further notice.

Payment for Special Occasion bookings

Your special occasion date is only considered as secure after receipt of the 50% deposit. Payment must be made within 5 days of the enquiry.

The balance must be paid in cash on the day or as cleared funds via bank transfer, prior to the booking.

A special occasion service and wedding service differ greatly; please get in touch for information regarding your marital ceremony. The wedding discount package will be applied to your quotation.
If you book special occasion make-up and it becomes apparent that it is a wedding occasion (within immediate wedding party) I reserve the right to request the appropriate fee or withdraw all services on the day without notice.

Cancellation and breach of contract

• Alexia Jade Make-Up Artist reserves the right to release the date without financial recourse if the client has not adhered to the terms and conditions or has given reason to doubt the booking is valid and genuine in accordance with the services provided.

• If the client cancels the booking, any monies already paid are non refundable and non transferable. The right is reserved to charge the remaining fee for any trial bookings that are cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.

• Cancellation of any booking other than a trial, with less than 28 days notice will result in the full fee becoming due for immediate payment.
• Cancellations must be made in writing and are actioned on the date they are received. Authentication systems are in place. Proof of postage or receipt of time stamped email must be available with appropriate server protocols to ensure credibility. Screen shots of emails are not acceptable as this information can be manipulated. Forwarded emails are only accepted with visible, original date/time/server protocols and will be subject to verification investigations from our technical support team .

Responsibilities of the client

Each client must comply with all terms and conditions stated and strictly adhere to payment and cancellation terms. It is the responsibility of the client to read the terms prior to financially securing their booking.

Each client must notify Alexia Jade Make-up Artist in writing of any concerns relating to the products and equipment utilised.

Please provide advanced notice of any difficulties with parking or access. A surcharge may apply for non standard parking fees.

Any action by the client or any member of the party, towards Alexia Jade Make-up Artist that is considered to be threatening, abusive or harmful in any way, will result in the immediate retraction of services, the fee must be paid in full and where appropriate, criminal proceedings will be sought.

The client accepts that Alexia Jade makeup artist may use their photographic images unless a written request for refusal of photography usage is submitted.

Client details are stored in accordance with current Data Protection laws and will not be passed to a third party.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 07861 895043