To have the best experience and achieve the best results for your make-up.

Photo requirements prior to your event day:

-I require a photo of you with no make-up on.

-I require a photo of you with your ‘everyday’ make-up.

-I require photos of make-up inspiration you would like for your event (Google, Pinterest, photos of my work etc.)
We can discuss if this is achievable with your face shape, eye shape etc.
Please don’t forget a lot of photos on the internet are often photographically enhanced.

Trial Appointments:

-Trials will be located at my base in KT16.

-Please be aware that on the rare occasion, due to prior contractual engagements, it maybe necessary for me to reschedule trial appointments. Every effort will be made to accommodate your needs and minimise any inconvenience caused.

Trial Duration:

-Consultation and make-up application: I allow 1 hour, 30 mins but the trial usually finishes within 1 hour.
-Any additional others: 45 mins approx. per person.

Trial make-up: Compulsory for brides and is within the premium wedding service.

Trials are an additional cost for event bookings.

-I will always match your skin colour on the day of the trial and occasion.
-Throughout the day your natural oils come through. Keep looking at your make-up throughout the day, it will keep changing. Take a look in various lighting.
-During and after the trial please inform me of any changes you may like. If you decide after the trial, I’m more than happy to allow extra time on your special day to implement these changes. If you would like another trial, this can be arranged at an additional cost.
-When you are happy with your chosen look, I will take photos so I can re-create the look on the day.

Top tip: The foundation is sprayed on to the surface of your skin so please try your best not to scratch, rub or wipe your face to avoid the layers coming off. If you cry or sweat, gently dab/pat your face with a tissue.

Event day requirements if I’m coming to you;

-I require a large table/surface to lay my make-up across and would love as much space where possible for my directors chair and standing ring light.
-I require your mobile number and full address for the location.
-Please provide advanced notice of any difficulties with parking or access. A surcharge may apply for non-standard parking fees.
-Please let me know if I need to take the stairs to your location as I have several bags of kit, some of which are heavy. I can arrange for help if necessary.

Wedding day duration:

-Set up: 15 mins
-Bride: 45 mins-1 hour (depending on the look)
-Bridal party: 30-45 mins per person (depending on the look)
-Pack up: 15 mins

Event duration:

-Set up: 15 mins
-Make-up only: 1 hour per person
-Pack up: 15 mins

Trial and Event day beauty preparation:

-A polite notice: tidied eyebrows and upper lip will always create the best finish.
-Don’t remove hair on the day or the day before of your occasion (redness, raised bumps or irritation may occur).
-Don’t go for a sun bed or have a spray tan on the day or day before your occasion (redness, raised bumps, irritation may occur).
2 days before is best.
-Patch test and trial your chosen tanning product weeks before your occasion (prior to your hen party is a great opportunity)
-I always recommend that you take your chosen lip colour, transparent powder and brush on the day of your event to top up throughout the day. I can make recommendations and order for you if required.

Trial and Event day skin preparation:

-I highly recommend a good skin regime- morning and night.
-The following preparation will create the best canvas for make-up and give it the best durability.

Please be advised that make-up cannot disguise skin texture: dry skin, flaky skin, dehydrated skin, dehydration lines, deep set lines, raised/deep scars, raised blemishes/bumps, cellulite, chapped lips etc.

-For best results: cleanse, tone & moisturise (under eye, face, neck & lips)
-Cleanse your skin well to avoid blemishes.
-Tone your skin to reduce open pores/blackheads and to allow creams to set into the skin.
-Moisturise to improve dry/de-hydrated skin.
-Exfoliate 2 times a week to avoid blocked pores, flaky skin, rough skin.
-Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydrated skin and dehydration lines.
-Exfoliate and moisturise lips.
-Let me know of any allergies you or any additional others may have.

I highly recommend Tropic Skincare, I absolutely love the ABC collection which is £62.50 and includes a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and free face mask (full size products) You can order directly through me: Alexia Jade’s Tropic Shop
Once you have ordered, I will go through the regime step by step with you.

Take a look at my skincare journey & online tutorial; Click here!

On the day of your trial and occasion:

-I provide a professional directors make-up chair for your comfort (and fab for photos)
Max. weight 120kg/19 stone (please inform anyone who is having a make-up service) I’m more than happy to use another chair if requested.
-I provide a professional standing ring light.
-I love pets but if your pets love to climb, I politely ask to work in a pet free environment due to other clients who may have allergies.
-I respectfully ask to work in a smoke free environment.
-Be make-up free: wash your face, tone & moisturise. Avoid using face wipes and cleansing lotions as they can leave an oily residue which may affect the durability of the make-up.
-Please wear clothing that is easily removable to avoid affecting the make-up. (ie. buttoned shirt / a top that’s low so can go over your head.
-Please brush your teeth before make-up application to avoid make-up removal around the mouth.
-Avoid scratching, rubbing or wiping your face to avoid any make-up removal. If you cry or sweat, gently dab/pat your face with a tissue.

Top tips on the day of your occasion:

-From Experience- Brides, please let someone else open your fizz! This will avoid any spraying on the face (unfortunately this happened to a bride)
-If you have a strapless dress, wear a strapless bra or no bra for a while beforehand to avoid strap indentations on the skin.
-If you have a short dress, remove socks or footwear to avoid indentations on the feet.
-Remove labels from your shoes.
-Bring scissors for ribbons and labels.
-Bring clothing stain remover, just in case.
-Bring anti-histamines just in case, for sensitive eyes/skin.
-Make all payments before the day.


-If you are having a photographer or videographer for your occasion, please bare in mind that your make-up has to be suitable for the camera.
-A professional camera tends to show all flaws and imperfections and also wash out colour. So it’s important to have the correct balance of colour and coverage. You will need a little more coverage, especially to start with so the make-up lasts ALL day. The make-up will need to be applied a little brighter and a little more defined.
-When looking in the mirror, you may look a little different to your everyday self but please be assured it be perfect for the camera, along with your hair, clothing and accessories bringing your whole look together.

Payment details:

Miss A J Tsamplakos
Sort Code: 60-01-22
Account Number: 48148784
Ref: ‘Your name’ Wedding/Event/Lesson
Eg. Alexia Event

Before you go…

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-If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me: 07861 895043  
-Please confirm once you have read and understood the content on this page.

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I look forward to meeting you and being a part of your special day.

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