Tropic Skincare Regime Tutorial

My skincare journey!

I never thought I would have the confidence to post a photo without make-up on, let alone a video! Since my teenage years I have suffered with acne. I have tried anti-biotics, contraceptive pills, medical creams, various skincare brands.
My skin in the ‘before’ photo wasn’t the worst it had been. But working in the make-up industry, I wasn’t happy with my skin & how unpredictable it was. I wanted to feel comfortable without make-up on my days off, wear minimal make-up when I was working and embrace glam make-up for a night out. I wanted options & not to feel like I had to hide/cover my skin due to blemishes.
I went to the doctors in April 2018 and the GP diagnosed me with ‘closed comedones’ a type of acne. It was suggested that I go on anti-biotics for 6 months. I was reluctant to do this and decided to try Tropic instead. Thank you so much for introducing me to it @michellejenkinstropic 💚

I started using Tropic Skincare on 3/5/18 and started seeing results within 2 weeks! The ‘after photo’ was taken 18/6/18. The video was filmed 18/4/20, so you can see that almost 2 years on, my skin is so clear! I couldn’t be happier with the results.

The comparison photos were taken under my photographic ring light. The video & last photo was taken in front of natural light, all un-edited.

Since I loved using Tropic on myself, I then introduced it to my Make-up business. I’ve been in the industry for 10 years & I’ve tried a lot of products as you can imagine! I’ve helped so many of my clients, friends & family who have suffered with their skin. If I can keep helping people by sharing my experience, it’s worth every second of my time.

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