What is airbrushing?
Airbrushing is a method of face make-up application. Foundation, bronzer, contour, blusher and highlighter fluid is applied to the skin via an air gun and compressor. Airbrushing creates an even layer of make-up on to the surface of the skin resulting in a flawless complexion. Airbrushing can achieve ANY coverage of your choice– natural, medium or full coverage. 99% of my clients say “It doesn’t feel like I have any make-up on”

How does airbrushing work?
The required amount of Airbase make-up is dispensed into the cup of the gun. A fine mist of make-up is released on to the skin.
99% of my clients say
“Is anything coming out? It just feels like air”

Airbase Products
Airbase is silicone based make-up which feels luxurious and light weight on the skin. It’s suitable for all races, all ages, all genders. A colour match bespoke to your skin. Airbase is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, all skin conditions including eczema/psoriasis. The silicone chosen does not clog your pores, allowing your skin to breathe. Silicone is sweat and tear resistant (great for those emotional moments) It’s also non-transferable which means no streaks on your clothing. Airbrushing is HD friendly, fantastic for photography and videography. It will last all day and all night. Airbase is cruelty free and suitable for vegans. Airbrushing is safe during your pregnancy. It’s PERFECT for you!

Please note: Eye and lip make-up is applied using brushes.

Trials: Airbrushing is my preferred method of face make-up application however, if you’re not satisfied, I am more than happy to offer a complimentary foundation trial using the traditional foundation and brush method (but I’m sure you will love airbrushing)

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Airbrushing demonstration from Alexia Jade: Watch Video

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