“You’re so lucky to have those curls”

Growing up with thick, curly and frizz prone hair…blessed with my Nan’s Jamaican roots and my Dad’s Greek roots.

Adults always telling me
“You’re so lucky to have those curls!”
Yet I wished for blonde, dead straight hair!
I found my curls difficult to manage as a young girl/teenager and was often made to feel different because of them.
Although, I have fond memories of my Dad brushing my hair with a brown afro comb when I was a little girl (I still have it somewhere 🪮❤️)  and my Mum making homemade hair treatments for me.
Going on to try so many products into my teens! Always going out with wet hair which my Nan hated 😂

It was after I left college in 2010 that I started wearing my hair smooth, straight or curled, mainly so I would ‘fit in’

I used too much heat on it and had a variety of chemical blow dries which ruined my natural hair 😭 I really regret it! As all of my family told me I would 🤣 (My Dad especially) Now as an adult I’ve heard this same story many times.

It was only during lockdown (2020) that I decided I wanted to embrace my curly locks and be more authentic 😊

But I had to battle with 10 years of damage! I started by using less heat, more treatments and had regular cuts. The ends were straight from the treatments growing out. It was hard to make my hair look nice through the transition phases. The first phase was my hair being curly and straight at the same time! Lauren really helped me on my curly hair journey.

I had to get to know my hair again as it was different from when I was younger. And I’m still learning! So any recommendations are welcome. It took some getting used to, seeing myself with curly hair again.

Although I now wear my hair natural a lot more often, I still like to style it smooth from time to time. I then discovered and tried the GHD duet styler and I’m mind blown 🤯 It would usually take me so long! I always found it a challenge to blow dry my hair smooth with round brushes so I would just use a paddle brush to get it dry which would take at least 30 minutes. I would then straighten it to get rid of the frizz which took another 30 minutes. What an effort! And a lot of damage. I’d try and keep the style as long as possible because the thought of spending so long on it again was off putting. My friends know it all too well 😂 Shower hat on so my hair wouldn’t smell of food when I’m cooking, can’t go swimming or get too sweaty exercising, can’t stand close to smokers, can’t be out in the rain…EFFORT. Curly hair does seems so be the easier option 😂

But, if I choose to wear it smooth, this tool takes a lot less time and I can’t get over the results! I’ve never been able to achieve smooth hair with just a hair dryer.

I do find if I use the blow dry option only and then go outside, it does start to go wavy and frizzy but I’m wondering if I should try a different product 🤔 When I use the straightening feature as well, it definitely locks in the style more.

It’s supposed to be less damaging because the tool is set at one temperature. I’m thinking this still won’t help my curly hair journey 🤣 BUT once in a while is fine I’m sure.

The next thing I want to try is a hair diffuser on my curls! Thoughts?

And my message to my curly friends…look after your hair, embrace your hair, love your hair!

My Nanny ❤️

Photo shoot with the bestie! Straight fringe with the curly hair of course…🤣 This has to be around 2008

The awkward stage of growing the treatment out!…

Embracing my shorter curly hair last year!

Before Vs After using the GHD Duet Styler

After using the GHD duet styler. Cut & colour by @hairbycharmainex (Instagram)