Mind, Body & Beauty

After years of trying different products, treatments, plans and experiences, I have found a few that are staying for good!

I like to share my recommendations with you in hope you will benefit from them too. My recommendations are purely based on personal use and experience.

When I love something or feel passionate about something, I want everyone to know!



Hypnotherapy is one of the best things I’ve done. I highly recommend the lovely Ruth Fogg! http://www.stressworx.co.uk

Positive energy healing: Binamistry@hotmail.com

•Reki healing, massage & more: Lisa Firth, Rah Treats: 07795 515531

Reiki healing, massage & more: Natalie, Naturalistic Therapies: View Site

Sound therapy & more: Siobhan: View Site

Life coaching: On Purpose with Julia: View Site

Psychic medium: Justine Ayling: +44 7944 877771

•Read or listen to: Feel better fast and make it last, Daniel G Amen.
Jay Shetty, Think Like a Monk.

Podcast recommendation: Jay Shetty

Watch the film or read/listen to the book: The Secret

Meditate with ‘Headspace’ app

• Mind charity: “We provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. ” View Site 

Feel free to contact me about my experiences.




I have a combination skin type. Prone to blemishes but also dehydrated and dry at times.

I cleanse, tone and moisturise using Tropic Skincare Products: View my shop

•Smoothing Cleanser complexion purifier + Bamboo Face Cloth:

I can’t recommend this product enough! I love it so much 💚 It removes my make-up completely, using the bamboo cloth. It’s quick and easy to use, suits all skin types and feels so luxurious. It’s a must for your skin regime! Use day and night. BAN THOSE FACE WIPES!

*A little experiment* use as many wipes as you usually would at the end of a day…now grab a white face cloth, immerse in warm water and wipe over your face. Look at how much make-up is left on the cloth! That product would have been left clogging your pores overnight. Your skin repairs whilst you sleep so it’s important to remove all impurities.

The cleanser is as easy as using wipes but feels so much cleaner and leaves you with beautiful glowing skin.

I follow this cleansing routine with;

•Vitamin toner pore refining mist (day & night)

•Skin feast nourishing cream concentrate (moisturiser used day & night) Mixed in with Super Greens nutrient boost oil (at night)

•Eye work rejuvenating serum (day)

•Eye dream age defying overnight butterbalm (night)

•Face smooth brightening polish (an exfoliator used once or twice a week after cleansing)

•To tackle De-hydration/Dryness:

-At night I apply the Tropic Rainforest Dew hydration serum before my moisturiser.

-Once a week I will use the Tropic Deep Hydration smooth cooling mask followed by;

-Tropic Fruit peel resurfacing serum (at night once a week)

•To tackle Blemishes/Acne:

-Tropic Pure lagoon blemish prevention serum used before my moisturiser (at night)

-Once a week I will use Tropic Clear Skin blemish-fighting mask.

-When I have hormonal break outs I use the  Clear Skin mask on individual blemishes.


-Once a week I use the Tropic Face Lift brightening tightening mask. You can also add the Tropic Elixir Age Defying Omega Oil your moisturiser. You can never start too young! We lose collagen from the age of 25.


-Tropic Tamanu Healing Balm all-in-one skin saviour.

Also good for irritated, inflamed or dry skin. Stretch marks, scars, cuts and scrapes, insect bites


-Dr Lipp Original nipple balm. They now have a few new shades.

-The Body Shop Lipscuff to remove dead skin cells.

•Body cleansing and exfoliation:

-Tropic cleansing body pebble

-Tropic Body smooth refreshing polish

•Hand cream:

-I love The Body Shop Hand Creams and the Tropic Organic Nail Nectar oil.

•Self tan for the body:

-Gradual tanning lotion: Tropic Summer Skin

-Overnight: Tropic Sun Drench overnight tanning mousse + Tanning Mitt

-Last minute tanning (fast results): St Tropez Express bronzing mousse.

Self tan for the face:

-Tropic Sun Drops gradual tanning facial serum. I love this product so much! I use it every night mixed in with my moisturiser. It gives your face such a natural tan.

•Sun care:

-Face: Sun Day Facial UV SPF 50

-Face: Tropic Beauty booster sheer foundation (SPF35)

For excess perspiration: Pespirex strong (at night, every 5 days) Amazing results!

-Dove original deodorant stick (day)

•Teeth whitening: Safest and best results at your dentist


-I occasionally have flare ups of psoriasis on my scalp so once a week I use Nizoral medicated shampoo which is amazing.

-Olaplex Step 3 treatment to repair damaged hair.

-Hair by charmaine: View Site

-Hair by Sadie Peterson: View site

-When in the area I’ll be having the best blow dry with Angelo Falzone: View Site

-Harper & Hawkins: View Site

Hair electricals: I love the brand Diva.

•Nails: Jenny Nhung Nguyen for SNS nails and the best pedicure! At Amy’s nails in Ashford: 01784 259308

Eyelash extensions: Kerry Broad: View Site



Personal training: Gavin Brainch: View Site

Personal training: Sean Hill:View Site

•Osteopathy/Sports massage: View Site

PhysioAccupuncture, Shockwave therapy & many more services: Matt Taylor, Taylor Made Physio: View Site

•Physio: James Frimpong, Activ8 Rehab: View Site

•Pilates: Book a complimentary trial class with Viva Fitness: View Site

If there’s anything else you want a recommendation for, I’m sure I know someone 😉 Please email me.

Enjoy! X