Make up and Glasses, my top tips. Please share your tips too, get in touch with your ideas and photos.

Some of my clients wear glasses and I often get asked how they can improve their make-up. There are a number of things I can recommend to help with the practical aspect and also the make-up design process, allowing make-up to blend with frames and draw attention to eye splendour. Glasses shouldn’t be viewed as boring and spoiling your look, they are an accessory opportunity! Follow some of my top tips on how to look gorgeous in glasses.

All the ladies in my family wear glasses and I have personally come across some application difficulties as I am short sighted. I am due to trial a pair of glasses with flip lenses. I needed to do something, there is only so close I can get to a mirror when applying my own make-up and I already get very close to my client’s face without them having to see my eyeballs ! The glasses have two hinged lenses, one is flipped upwards on the eye I am applying make-up to and the other eye has the benefit of the prescription lens. I will let you know how I get on! There are many types of magnifying mirrors available too, the ones with a light are particularly helpful.

Glasses tend to move during the day, they slip down your nose. Apart from making sure the arms are correctly tightened, another tip is to use a touch more primer and foundation on the bridge of your nose. The products create a little traction and act as an anti slip surface. Airbrushing is particularly good for this reason; it doesn’t wear off when the skin sweats and becomes greasy, which leads to glasses that keep sliding!

Try these application tips and gain some extra confidence when wearing your glasses.

* Coloured frames can look fab if they coordinate with your make-up, try to avoid clashing mixes. Lipstick is the perfect complement to bright frames if you carefully choose from the colour palette.

* Larger frames allow more visual space and a larger make-up area to work with. It will be difficult to show off a smokey eye if your glasses have tiny lenses.

* Pay particular attention to your eyebrows, they provide the frame for your glasses. Good eyebrow definition is important but don’t be tempted to overdo it and create blocked lines that mimic the frame.

* Use concealing and highlighting techniques- below your eyes to conceal the shadow cast by frames and conceal dark circles that glasses tend to enlarge. Highlight your brow bone and inner corner of the eyes to give them a sparkle!

* The lens edge can be used as a guide for eyeliner, creating the illusion of bigger eyes and accentuating shape. Eyeliner flicks should reach up in the direction of the lens top, at the outer corner. Balance your make-up according to your prescription as some lenses magnify the eye and make it appear much larger.

* Try changing your eyeliner colour, opt for a shade or two lighter. Glasses tend to amplify black eyeliner, this can be too overpowering and create an imbalanced look.

* Choose neutral eye shadow shades and keep bold colours for lips.

* Always use an eyelash curler before applying mascara. This helps prevent lashes touching the lenses. Focus application at the roots and less at the tips. If lashes are top heavy, the lash will straighten more quickly. Don’t forget to let mascara dry properly or it will end up on your lens. Waterproof mascara is not as quick to transfer.

Send in your photos and share your make up looks and tips with other glasses wearers.

If you would like a particular make-up related topic covered in my blog, let me know, I am always happy to share your areas of interest.