How did I become a make-up artist?

I’ve recently had quite a few people contact me and ask how my career as a make up artist began, so here is a little insight into my journey…

I can’t believe how quickly the years have flown by. I’ve now been qualified 10 years (June 2020 (It’s true what they say, “time flies when you are having fun! “

From a young age I’ve always known that I wanted to pursue a career as a make-up artist.

Looking back through diaries and photo albums, I trigger memories and see that I was always creating ‘interesting’ make-overs on friends and family (sorry Katherine Fuller and Aunty Sue!) I wasn’t artistic in the traditional sense but my creative vision flourished when studying art GCSE. I left school in 2008 aged 16.

So my journey began…

I enrolled at West Thames College and studied production make-up and hair, qualifying in 2010 with distinctions. My first job in the industry was working at Clay Salon in Oxshott, followed by a consulting and coaching role for The Body Shop. I then progressed to become a consultant for Burberry Beauty, Tom Ford Beauty and saving the best until last…MAC Cosmetics.

In my spare time I assisted many amazing make-up artists in TV, Film, Magazine, and Fashion. I worked on an experience only basis/low paid work but most importantly- stayed motivated, passionate and driven! 

I spent a lot of time networking, sending messages to people in the industry, requesting assisting roles to gain as much work experience as possible and to build my portfolio. Practicing at every given opportunity was also essential. I filled every waking hour using every opportunity to progress my dream career. It never really felt like hard work as such because I was so passionate and committed, I still am. There were lots of dead ends and plenty of communications were ignored but many paid off. I know how important it is to be focused, to stay ahead and be aware of the changing trends.

I advanced my skills in 2013 to adapt to the TV world, the demanding High definition requirements of make-up. I completed an industry respected course in airbrushing, which is not only amazing for TV but Bridal and Special Occasions too! This was a very positive, key decision, and as a result, I have never looked back! It wasn’t long before the huge increase in bookings made me realise I needed to make an even tougher decision. 

I made the next vital leap to achieve my goal of becoming freelance, I took the plunge and left my job at MAC in September 2014. I wouldn’t have been in the position to make that choice without 4 years of working hard BUT not hard work…every minute was worth it! Not to mention great support from family and friends.

My aim for my first year of running my own business and being successfully self employed, was to achieve a realistic salary and work hard BUT play harder! I really made the most of being my own boss! No more needing to request time off, request shift swaps, using up holiday allowance on my client bookings or trying to juggle an exhausting schedule of airport shift patterns! I enjoyed holiday’s abroad and was able to do a lot of nice things in addition to making my first year of  freelance a great success! It really was worth it.

Now that I am firmly established in my business, my freelance career continues to grow in leaps and bounds. It is above and beyond my expectations. I have enjoyed meeting hundreds of new clients, working on TV (The BRIT Awards was a real highlight) and running masterclasses.
I’m currently working on the make-up team on the TV show, Good Morning Britain (Oct 2019-present) I absolutely love it and it’s been a goal of mine since I qualified! My future goal is to have another contract for a TV show and one day have my own make-up team on a new TV show.

If you have a dream, make sure you follow it!

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Alexia Aged 6

My childhood friend Katherine

My childhood friend Katherine- One of my make-over creations!

First year of college- hair assessment day on my 17th birthday

First year of college- hair assessment day on my 17th birthday

London Fashion Week team 2014

London Fashion Week team 2014

X-Factor Team 2014

X-Factor Team 2014

The Brits Team 2016

The Brit Awards Team 2016